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Art-Copy Scripting and SDK 4.3

Art-Copy Scripting is one of the most innovative scanning solutions
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Art-Copy Scripting is one of the most innovative scanning solutions on the market. Art-Copy Scripting has allowed for the complete automation of the redundant scanning tasks that all traditional scanning software require constant interaction to perform. With the ability to create customized scanning scripts that can be individually saved and used at anytime users are freed from this limitation. Customized scanning scripts save both time and money as now scanning is a completely background control process that requires little to no interaction allowing the user a hassle free experience. Art-Copy Scripting Edition will allow you to create your own custom scanning scripts. Imagine the time you can save by creating your own script for each type of scanning job you perform. Create a script that does nothing but copy documents, and sends them to a printer. Create a script that scans images directly to an FTP site, even if your FTP location is using a nonstandard port. At the same time create a script that scans to an email, or even scans to a file. Art-Copy Scripting Edition even has support for sending an existing file to applications, sending to printers with adjusted output sizes, sending to web sites using the built in FTP support, sending to a database, and now has support for optical character recognition, so you scan a document to a text file. Art-Copy Scripting Edition also has support for most databases. With Art-Copy Scripting Edition you can update a database by either adding a scanned image to the database, or by amending a scanned image to a existing record by entering the primary key of the record. By using the Data Source Name (DSN) feature built into Microsoft Windows, Art-Copy Scripting Edition can now scan to Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access or any other database that can be supported via a DSN.
Art-Copy Scripting allows the user to create a script that performs the exact options specified to each newly scanned item. These scripts can have preset resolution, image enhancements like inserting a label over the scan, or scan from designated hardware without any user interaction whatsoever. Art-Copy Scripting Edition can even auto name the file for you.
With Art-Copy Scripting scanning jobs that previously required constant user interaction or user supervision are now fully automated. Scanning to remote FTP locations previously required scanning the images, connecting to the FTP site, and then the user had to manually specify which files were to be uploaded. Art-Copy Scripting automates this process so that files are scanned and uploaded as a completely background process that requires no actions by the user other than clicking the predefined script.
Art-Copy Scripting is fully compatible with any Twain compliant scanner or WIA scanners on the Windows operating system. Art-Copy Scripting supports scanning from both flatbed and automatic document feeder scanners; Art-Copy Scripting can even duplex the document even if you don't have a duplex scanner. Specific scanning designations on whether to scan from the flatbed or ADF can be specified in the customized scanning script so that all operations can be fully automated.

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